“Sustainability, in today's times, should be viewed not as a luxury but as a basic need by every brand that is looking to flourish responsibly, because without a present that rests solidly on the cornerstones of sustainable practices, our future will exist only as a faint shadow of what we imagined it to be.”

Dr. Sudha Anand - Director

Our AWE inspiring sustainability roadmap


    Over 20 acres of our land is dedicated for tree plantation.

    We currently have 2500 Neem trees (Nimtree or Indian Lilac), from the Mahogany family. All parts of the Neem tree are believed to be of immense medicinal benefit to humans. Neem is also an effective natural pesticide

    We intend to plant an additional 2,000 trees by 2026.
  • W
    Our aim is to have a total of 70% women in our workforce, by 2026


    At Greenhome Furnishings, we strongly believe in providing equal gender opportunities. About 50% of our workforce comprises of women, a fact that we are proud of.

    The women that we hire are diligently trained and we consistently work on upskilling the entire women workforce.


    We are passionate about Green energy. We are GOLD LEED (Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design) certified. This certification is a globally recognized symbol of leadership in sustainability.

    By 2026, we are aiming to install roof top solar panels.

Corporate Social Responsibility


    We have partnered in the setting up of an exclusive Sewing Skill Development & Training Centre for women, called
    ‘Kalyan Gurukul Jamtara’. The centre is involved with the upskilling of workers and the training of freshers. We have so far employed over 350 women trained at this centre.


    The welfare of our workers is one of the key areas that we focus on. We provide free accommodation, transportation and training for our women workers. Subsidized food on a daily basis, regular recreational activities and periodic free medical check-up camps are provided at regular intervals to all our employees


    We take on the construction of toilet blocks in primary schools located in villages near us